5 Bollywood Legends Are Perfect Choices to Play Role of Amit Shah If His Biopic Is Ever Made in Future –


The Union Minister of India, Amit Shah, is one of the famous political leaders in India. He is also the current president of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Known as the right-hand of Prime Minister Modi, Shah rose through the party ranks with his excellent organizational and management skills. From a booth-level worker in Gujarat to state home minister to a national political figure, Shah has had a terrific political journey so far.

Born on October 22, 1964, Shah completed his schooling in Mehsana and pursued his graduation in biochemistry from CU Shah Science College in Ahmedabad. For a brief period of time, he handled his father’s business and then worked as a stockbroker in Ahmedabad.

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Amit Shah was a leader of ABVP at the time of his school days. He belongs to RSS from his childhood and at the time of doing his graduation; he legitimately became a volunteer of RSS. He met Narendra Modi in 1982 for the first time.

In 2001, when Narendra Modi was first appointed the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Amit Shah also gained popularity. In July 2014, he was appointed as the BJP’s national president and was appreciated for his tactics which changed the wave for BJP’s political ways.

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Below are 5 Bollywood actors who would be perfect for the role of the politician if there were a biopic made on him:

1- Paresh Rawal

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The versatile actor has impressed us many times with his powerful performances. He can be a perfect choice for the role of Amit Shah as we have seen him nail the Gujarati accent in the past too.

2- Pankaj Tripathi

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He is one such actor who can portray any character with ease. He could also portray Amit Shah as he can add meaning to any character he plays on the big screen.

3- Saurabh Shukla

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As the actor looks like the politician, people wanted him to play the role of Amit Shah, when a biopic on PM Narendra Modi was announced. Undoubtedly, he can take the role to another level with his power-packed performance.

4- Boman Irani

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The actor is known for experimenting with the characters he plays on-screen. He can surely play the role of Amit Shah and nail it to perfection.

5- Manoj Joshi

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Though the actor had already played the role of Amit Shah in the Narendra Modi biopic he was underutilized in the movie. Considering how brilliant an actor Joshi is, he can surely ace the role.



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