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Sushant Singh Rajput left all his fans and close-ones with a void in their hearts. I, personally used to admire him alot and felt so heartbroken when I came across the news of his demise. Firstly, I didn’t believed the news and thought it was just a rumour, but when I scrolled down my news feed and saw that it was everywhere, I immediately rushed to open TV. And, then I had to believe that it was not a rumour. He had really gone and would never come back. It was quite a shock that a person who was so full of life can do this to himself.

And now as he is gone, all I see is the insensitive portrayal of his tragic demise. Some news channels are being so insensitive in telling the details of his death.  I understand that there’s this rage and we all need to know why he took such a tragic step but why can’t we do it sensibly? There are different conspiracy theories that are floating around but he doesn’t deserve such a farewell.

His sister, Shweta Singh Kriti, also requested everyone to choose love over hatred. In a Facebook post (which she deleted later) she wrote, “Mera baby, mera Babu mera Bachcha is not physically present with us anymore and it is ok… I know u were in a lot of pain and I know u were a fighter and u were bravely fighting it.  Sorry mera Sona… sorry for all the pain u had to go through…if I could I would hav taken all ur pain and given all my happiness to u.Your twinkling eyes taught the world how to dream, ur innocent smile revealed the true purity of ur heart. You will always be loved mera Baby and so so much more… Wherever ur mera baby stay happy….stay fulfilled and know that everyone loved, loves u and will always love you unconditionally. All my dear ones… I know it is testing time… but whenever there is a choice…. choose love above hatred, choose kindness and compassion above anger and resentment choose selflessness above selfishness and forgive…. forgive yourself, forgive others and forgive everyone. Everybody is fighting their own battles…. be compassionate to yourself and be compassionate to others and everyone. Let not ur heart close everrrrrr, at any cost!!!!   #Sushantsinghrajput.”

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Here are 4 acts of kindness he did over the years.

1- Donated ₹1.25 Crore For Nagaland Floods

Sushant donated ₹1.25 crores towards the 2018 flood relief work in Nagaland. CM Neiphiu Rio, also tweeted about it and wrote,

“I thank Sushant Singh Rajput @itsSSR for standing with #Nagaland. He personally handed over a cheque of Rs.1.25 crore towards CM Relief Fund. I am grateful to him and everyone who has come in support of our state #NagalandFloods #DonateForNagaland.” 

2- Donated ₹1 Crore For Kerala Floods

When Kerala was devastated by floods in 2018, Sushant lent support to Kerala when one of his fans, Shubham Ranjan, commented on his Instagram page that he did not have enough money but wanted to help. In response, Sushant posted, ”I will donate 1 crore in your name. Make sure it reaches to our friends out there.”

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3- Sent Two Kids For NASA Training

We all know that Sushant was interested in the theories of how space functions. He even went to NASA and attended a workshop there. He also sent two kids to the space centre as they wanted to fulfill their dreams of understanding astronomy. Sushant, in an interview told,

“When I was a kid I really wanted to be an astronaut but I did not know where to go. I always wanted to go NASA but was declined again and again, so I got myself a really powerful telescope, which can zoom in on any crater on a bright moon night. It was two years back that I had a chance to go to NASA and I did a small workshop there. One year later I sent two kids to NASA, they were very bright kids and one of them won a gold medal there and he now trains to become an astronaut. I am now planning to send at least 100 kids this time to NASA.”

4- Very Approachable Actor

Sushant was an actor who believed in giving the love back to people he received from. He used to reply his fans on social media and even followed back his followers back on Instagram because he wanted to make them happy. He believed in giving the love back in these small gestures that they poured over him. Not every celebrity will take out the time to interact with his fans this closely.

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Looking back at the struggling and self-earned life of Sushant, we still wish if we could set ourselves into a time machine to bring him back!

Today, everyone is talking about mental awareness and ways to battle depression and to be kind and empathetic to others. But, the real question lies in the fact that do we need to lose many more Sushant’s to talk over these issues? Its time to not just talk about mental awareness but to feel it. Help those around you. Reciprocate the kindness you receive from those around you, be kind to others. Be empathetic. Spread love!



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