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20 Iconic Roles That Proved To Be Game Changers For Bollywood’s Dying Stars


Flop actor become star by making a movie
A movie can turn the shape of the actor. A movie is enough to make a actor super star in a night. Some stars whose career was down they did the movie by luck their movie change their career on the top.

AmitabhBachchan in Mohabbatain

Amitabh Bachchan is called Shahensha in the Bollywood he gave so many blockbusters to Bollywood like Don, shahehshah Sholey sharabi and many more But he faced bad phase of the life. Bade Miyan Chote Miyan and suryawansham turn his career into flop .. He gave many flop back to back. Yash Chopra’s movie mohabbatein in which he was offered the role of deen of the Gurukul as a Narayan Shankar was offered and his career again come on track he become the iconic for this role and appreciated by audiences for his role.

Kareena Kapoor

2 21

Kareena Kapoor gave khushi and mein prem ki deewani which is flop movie. Even she did acting very well but movie on box office was not successful . When she got the movie Jab we met which was blockbuster in 2007 and change her career from flop to superstar.

Dil Chatha hai.. Saif Ali Khan

3 19

Saif Ali Khan in his starting career gave many movies in which he played the character of the rich lover. it was typical for him to change his image.. Most of the movies were offered to him such type of . thankfully he was offered dil chahta hai as a Tom boy and accepted this movie and this movie was remarkable and blockbuster.

Kangana Ranaut

4 18

Kangana Ranaut gave so many blockbuster gangsters and fashion her career was on top but due to few flop movie ie No problem and Rascals and Shaka laka boom boom. He was counted as a flop actor. But due to queen success once again she become star and now she is counted among the most talented and super star of Bollywood. In a interview, She said to Rajat Sharma that queen was such a movie which is game changer of her career and directors are taking her seriously.

Deepika Padukone

5 16

Deepika got the biggest platform in the Bollywood industry her debut was with shahRukh Khan but audience considered her as a cute face .. being a heroine of Shah rukh khan she was well known but not get benefit to make her career smooth. Inspite of doing some flop like Chandni Chowk to China, lafangey parindey and Desiboys. In 2012, she was offered a character of Veronica in cocktails and this movie was blockbuster on box office. After the success of this movie she got a lot of roles and ordered many movies.

Munna Bhai MBBS  Sanjay Dutt

6 15

Sanjay Dutt was a super star.He gave so many blockbuster but when he was arrested due to crime his career was flop. So he has to start to do Bgrade movie like Hathiyar and Rudhraksh because he had left with no option. Raj Kumar Hirani offered him Munna Bhai MBBS and it was a game changer for him.. His bad image turn into good even Sanjay Dutt gave thanks to Raj Kumar to offer this movie.

Golmaal Ajay Devgan

7 11

Ajay Devgan known as a action hero .. he made his image typically.. but thanks to Rohit Shetty who offered him Golmaal series . His image has been change as we know Golmaal is a comedy movie so audience get some different image of Ajay Devgan. Really Rohit Shetty gave him a new break.

Wanted Salman Khan

8 10

Salman khan started his career with blockbuster movie and he gave continue many blockbuster movies but he gave hello janemann,Main and Mrs khanna and so on. All movies were flop back to back. After giving many flop movies he decided to remake a Telugu movie wanted . Wanted was a successful and huge hit on box office.

Haider -Shahid Kapoor

9 9

Shahid Kapoor was well known as a chocolate hero due to doing movie as Fida , Vivah , Chup chup k, Chance per dance . In 2014, he did Haider which changed his image and loved by audience. His work was appreciated a lot. Directors gave him offer as a fighter role.

Aamir Khan – Rang de Basanti

10 7

As we know Amir Khan took sabbatical of 5 years after the succes of lagaan after the gap of 5 years he came back with Mangal Pandey unfortunately flop could it work on box office it was flopped. Rang de basanti was a new break to mold his filmy career and he got success due to this movie.

Hritik Roshan-Koi mil gaya

11 5

Hritik Roshan debut was ‘kaho na pyar hain’ was blockbuster and made him super star in a night stand. But after being a successful hero he gave continue many flop movie mein prem ki deewani, mujhse dosti karoge, Yadein .after giving many flop movies he did koi mil gaya which break the all records and it change his filmy career again he became a star.

Devdas-Shah rukh Khan

12 4

Shah rukh khan was considered as a chocolate hero coz he was offered such a movies back to back so it was not easy to change his image. But Devdas change his image and something new as well as exciting.

Irfan khan- Slumdog millionaire

13 4

Billu, a metro in life, Chocolate was flop movie of irfan khan even he is multitalented actor but his luck was not with him. He gave back to back flop movie. A turning point came in his life when he was offered to play the character of police inspector in Slumdog millionaire. This movie wins several awards as well as Oscar . This was the turning point of his career.

Nawazuddin – Gangs of Wasseypur

14 4

Inspite being a multitalented actor he gave flop movies back to back like Munna Micheal, Monsoon, Shootout and many more.but his career get the right path in 2012 when he was signed as role of Faizal khan in the movie of gangs of Wasseypur.

Akshay Kumar Hera pheri

15 4

Do you know Akshay Kumar gave 16 flop movie back to back.Directors started to ignore him to sign him in his movie but in 2001 he was signed for ‘Hera Pheri ‘ a comedy movie. This was a different role to play but he experienced this role and it was successful for his career. His filmy career comes again on track.

Kai po che -Rajkummar Rao

16 2

Rajkummar is a super star and knows to play his character very well but in intial stage, he gave many flop movie back to back like love sex and Dhoka and Ragini MMS. He got the new raise of success when he was offered to play the role in koi poo che in 2013. This movie was blot and won many awards.

Vidya Balan – Dirty movie

17 2

Vidya Balan gave so many hit movies. But kismat kennection and heyy baby was flop movie in 2017 she was offered to play the role of silk in dirty movie which changed her career. This movie was directed by Milan Lutharia and it was turning point for her career.

John Ibrahim Dhoom

18 2

John Ibrahim started his filmy career with successful he gave many hits. But medhoshi and Aetbar was his flop .Dhoom was his superhit movie of2004 which gave a smooth stand in his career.

Anushka Sharma-NH 10

19 2

She started her career with Shah rukh khan in her debut Rab be bna di jodi. But after this movie she was offered so many movies.

Satya Banoj Bajpayee

20 1

Manoj Bajpai started his career with TV industry with his potential acting he moved to Bollywood industry.but he gave a series of flop movies like Droh Kaal and Dastak. But his movies were flop on box office. In 1998 Satya movie brought success in his career



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