19 Heart-Winning Pics of 2020 Amid Nightmarish Year –


During tough times, we should be hopeful, because hope impels us to act. Gleams of hope do exist and it’s important to remember them to stay resilient in difficult times.

Here are 19 pictures shared with the hope that you, too, may be able to choose hope and faith over fear, at a time when that may not be easy:

1- Even a newborn baby wanted to live in a world free of masks.

2- Social media users rallied to help Baba Ka Dhaba and then many others whose lives were affected because of the pandemic.

3- A team of people reunited lost pets with their owners after the massive Beirut explosion.

4- A baby boy safely born on an Indigo flight.

5- The power couple who helped decriminalize Section 377 also gave us hope that soon same-sex marriages will be legal too.

6- A family member welcoming a recovered COVID patient by dancing on street.

7- Gurudwara Bangla Sahib turned into the cheapest medical centre for people in need.

8- Telangana Home Guard risked his life to rescue a stranded dog.

9- Hyundai showroom adopted a stray dog and also made him the ‘goodest’ salesperson in the showroom.

10- Koovi, the dog who helped find the body of her 2-year-old owner soon to get a new forever home.

11- Indian Army resuscitated the damaged grave of a Pakistani officer in J&K. 

12- A tiger hugging a tree!

13- A Muslim man adopted Hindu sisters and even got them married at his expense.

14- When Kaziranga was flooded, a tired Rhino rested on the roadside while being guarded by officials.

15- Kanta Murty stood in the rain for 7 hours to guide people from falling into a pit during rough Mumbai rains.

16- A man drove 25 Kms daily in lockdown to feed doggo and her babies.

17- A boy put a mask on a dog before himself.

18- A doctor took his 87-year-old patient suffering from COVID-19 to watch the sunset together.

19- A man in Mumbai climbed a building to save a cat dangling while stuck in wires.



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