17 Epic Pics We Can Hear So Easily –


With this year 2020, we all have learnt to live a life in hard situation as well and the credit goes to all the memers who made great efforts with their out of the box thinking. But those who made us laugh with their natural dialogues are still in our minds .

Presenting , some of the hilarious pictures of the year which made us laugh hard and we can speak their words every time we see their pics…

1. Entire planet’s sentiment towards 2020.

2. When you become who you hate (for no logical reason).

arnab drugs do

3. Kangana has said many things (way too many), but nothing has stayed in mind like this one.

kangana aapki adaalat

4. To be fair, it was a close one.

1603013030 7 17 Epic Pics We Can Hear So Easily.webp

5. Mood for this year.

you don't tell me what to do meme

6. Never not in vogue.

himesh singing

7. *Shudders*.

raghu ram roadies

8. One thing we never imagined Arijit saying.

ariji somebody fix this mic

9. I.C.O.N.I.C. ( Kaun Tha rap)

rasode mein kaun tha

10. People stopped eating fast food in Pakistan after this.

maaro mujhe maaro guy


black car republic TV

12. One sentence for everyone who doesn’t understand the concept of boundaries.

i am not your yaar

13. And the award for the most fearless citizen of India goes to…

bik gayi hao gormint aunty

14. Meet a new guy. Talk for a few days. Get invested. Get ghosted.

108339d0 8a2f 4966 85ce ff1a5ac23eb0

15. Dolly Bindra channeling every entitled Delhi guy during a fight.

dolly bindra bigg boss

16. Dude made his career out of one line. A Legend.

hotel trivago guy

17. The only person whose voice travels from Mumbai to across the world. 

sima taparia



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