14 Most Powerful Scenes From Bollywood Movies That Will Stay In Our Hearts


Usually the success of a movie is based on its box office collection or the hype it manages to create. But according to a cinephile, a movie that fascinates him/her is the one they love. With binge-watching movies and web series becoming a new trend, it’s difficult to leave an imprint in the audiences’ minds.

But in several Bollywood movies, so often there is one scene, in particular, that stands out above the rest, leaving a huge impact on our minds. When these scenes happen, they are momentous to watch. More than anything, they grip you, reeling you in from the outside world.

Below are some of the most powerful scenes from Bollywood movies that will stay in our hearts for years to come:

1- Barfi – The lamp post scene

Barfi is one of the most unconventional love stories in Hindi cinema. The movie takes you on a rollercoaster journey of emotions. The movie has some very special moments that arose out of unique circumstances and characters. But the most heart warming scene was the lamp post scene or the love test.

Barfi played by Ranbir Kapoor loves to test his loved ones by sawing down the street lamp and waiting to see who sticks to him. Well, nobody manages to pass the test, until Jhilmil played by Priyanka Chopra, who innocently stands by his side without fearing that the lamp will come crashing down on her. Barfi is overwhelmed by Jhilmil’s loyalty and trust in him.

2- Haider – Roohdaar’s entry

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The Vishal Bhardwaj directorial sees Irrfan playing the role of a plot changer. His sudden emergence becomes the ultimate turning point of the story. Irrfan essayed the role of Roohdaar, whose duty was to remind Haider (played by Shahid Kapoor) to avenge the death of his father. The name Roohdaar has metaphorical connotations because ‘Rooh’ means soul and Roohdaar is portrayed as the soul of Hilaal Meer in the film.

3- Munnabhai MBBS – Zaheer’s death/Maqsood bhai’s Jaadu Ki Jhappi The movie is a feel-good comedy that cheers you up with its pure intentions and cute sense of humour. You can re-watch the movie again and again without getting bored. The movie has many touchy-feely moments.


The first one is Zaheer’s death. When Zaheer, on his death bed, begs for Munna to save him and then dies in his arms, he feels frustrated and helpless.The other scene is when Munna tries to calm the cleaner Maqsood bhai by thanking him for his thankless-yet-significant service. How small acts by us can bring about happiness to others is well depicted in this scene.

4- A Wednesday is an engaging thriller that’s more dramatic and unpredictable than anything you’re likely to imagine. A real and gritty speech delivered by Naseeruddin Shah during the climax of the movie leaves you with goosebumps. This soliloquy given by a ‘stupid common man’ makes more sense than most political rants.

5- Rang De Basanti – Funeral scene “Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota, usse perfect banana padta hai”The movie is a gem of Indian cinema. It has churned a hurricane of emotions, especially among the youth. The movie had many moments which touches the heart. One of them is the funeral scene of Ajay Singh Rathore played by R Madhavan. The scene takes you on an emotional ride where the characters of the movie are trying to cope up with loss of Ajay.

6- Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – Post scuba-diving scene

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Hrithik Roshan is shown as an aquaphobic in the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. However, he decides to overcome his fear after one of his friends challenges him to go scuba diving. At first, he hesitates but later decides to face his fear and goes scuba diving only to come out with no regrets and a beautiful experience.

7- Taare Zameen Par – Ishaan looking at Nikumbh’s painting Though the whole movie was a masterpiece, the scene where Ishaan sees his teacher Nikumbh’s painting of him, is unmatchable. His expressions were fantastic in it. This every emotion is a mix of pride, gratitude and pure love.

8- Swades – Train scene Swades is one of the most underrated gems in Hindi cinema. The train scene where Mohan buys a glass of water from a kid give him a glance of ground realities in his own country.It’s a handsome two-minute scene and, as the train leaves the station, Mohan tries hard to swallow the lump in his throat and blink his tears away. There is guilt of privilege, disappointment and helplessness on his face. Even without a single dialogue, the scene manages to hit the right chords.

9- Padmaavat – Khilji’s message to his army Though the movie was a controversial one, it became one of the most finest work of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. There are a very few instances where you feel emotional for an antagonist.In the movie Alauddin Khilji wants to destroy Ratan Singh in order to conquer Chittor and the queen. In a particular scene, due to harsh weather conditions and lack of other provisions, Khilji’s army is close to mutiny. When he learns about this, he gives a speech which though is a little manipulative, brings all of them together.

10- Bajirao Mastani – Kashibai’s guroor dialogue The magnum opus was all about Ranveer and Deepika but it was Priyanka Chopra who stole the show with her impeccable performance. The scene when Bajirao confronts his first wife Kashibai about his marriage to Mastani is a pivotal scene as it marks the change in circumstances between them. Priyanka Chopra helped this scene in gaining an iconic status when she said, ‘Aap humse humari zindagi maang lete, hum aapko khush khushi de dete. Par aapne toh humse humara guroor hi cheen liya.’

11- Gully Boy – Murad finally confronts his father


‘Apna time aayega’ was the anthem of 2019 and there is no denying the craze that this movie made. The movie has many powerful scenes. What emerges as the most impactful scene is when Murad defends his corner confidently, confronts his father’s degenerating views, and talks about linking ‘his’ reality with ‘his’ dreams. He explains to his father that dreams are not ties to class and that aiming higher will help to achieve those dreams.

12- Guzaarish – The song Udi The movie is not only soul-stirring and emotionally moving but also visually extraordinary. The movie revolves around Ethan palyed by Hrithik Roshan who is suffering from Euthanasia. The song Udi in the movie is hautingly beautiful. Sofia played by Aishwarya Rai finds herself enjoying the song and ends up giving a full performance. After seeing her so carefree and happy Ethan develops a sense of yearning in him.

13- Dor – The climax where the two ladies embark on an unknown journey Dor shone with its simplicity and purity. The movie shattered many questionable customs, social taboos and traditions. The final scene of the movie, when Meera literally ran for her life before being pulled onboard by Zeenat, still gets the viewer’s heart racing.

14- Masaan – Deepak Chaudhary grieving the loss of his ladylove Shalu Deepak’s breakdown in the film was one of the heart-wrenching moments in the film. In the scene Deepak played by Vicky Kaushal discovers that the woman he loves is dead. What follows is an outpouring of grief as Deepak drunkenly asks his friends “Saala ye dukh kahe khatam nahi hota be?”


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