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Perhaps no other Indian horror movie blends mythology, supernatural, and horror as fluidly as Tumbbad, a film that released in 2015 after being in production for several years. It was cast and recast, shot and re-shot, had logistical and creative hassles, and yet, ultimately the end result was a sparkling movie anchored firmly in a local milieu.

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Without an A-list cast or a hullabaloo of promotions, Tumbbad emerged as a sleeper hit at the box office. This Indian origin story explores the myths of Hindu gods and the human greed for the treasure and wealth.

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Set in Tumbbad in the 1920s, the story revolves around the three generations of a family facing the consequences when they build a temple for the first-born of a goddess, named Hastar–he who must not be worshiped. Hastar is a terrible entity who can curse a person yet also can grant gold coins.

Below are some interesting and unknown facts about the movie you didn’t know:

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