12 Times Kangana Ranaut’s Tweets Landed Her In Controversies –


One of the straightforward character is entertainer Kangana Ranaut. She generally represent her assertions with forthright demeanor which isn’t significant to numerous individuals ,at times. As we know that she is an active social media user and post her perspectives for each significant thing which is in pattern. Notwithstanding, her posts and tweets make her land in controversies.

At present, #SuspendKangangaRanaut is moving on Twitter, and it isn’t even the first occasion when it has occurred.

Here’s a gander at the absolute generally questionable (and non-sensical) tweets made by Kangana Ranaut and her group via web-based media:

1. In a tweet that has since then been deleted, Kangana openly asked for the beheading of those people who had hurt the ‘religious sentiments’ of Hindus through Amazon Prime Video’s new show, Tandav

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She even went on to defend the tweet by referring to people who ‘offended’ Hindu sentiments as insects, before deleting the tweet. 

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2. When she failed to understand why housework should be a salaried profession, instead, asking people to “surrender” to a woman’s love. If only surrendering paid the bills! 

3. In yet another deleted tweet, Kangana misidentified an elderly female farmer protesting against farm laws as the famous Shaheen Bagh Dadi and insulted both the women by stating that such protestors were available on hire. 

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This was the tweet that led to Twitter taking a crash course in Punjabi… if you know, you know! 

4. Kangana, who actually portrayed a person battling mental health issues in one of her films, stated that depression is a ‘consequence of drug abuse’. Of course, she is wrong. Not like that has stopped her ever. 

5. When she openly harassed and body-shamed an illustrator, who was minding her own business. 

6. When she compared her house in Mumbai being demolished by the BMC to getting raped. 

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Repeat after me everyone, rape, and rape alone, is like rape. Rape is a heinous act and we need to stop comparing incidents, no matter how traumatic, to it. 

7. When she asked celebrities Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, Ayan Mukerji, and Vicky Kaushik to give blood samples for a drug test, for a party conducted months ago. Because moral policing (and typos) apparently affect more people than we realize.

8. When she compared Mumbai to PoK.

9. When she referred to protesting farmers as ‘terrorists’. She also used the same terms for Shaheen Bagh protestors, who were protesting against CAA. 

10. When she attacked a female police officer through casteist remarks that also attacked the reservation system. 

11. When she praised Kamala Harris, and in the same tweet, insulted Joe Biden. Ageist much?

12. When she, once again, misstated the reasons for depression and attacked a non-conventional family system, while attacking, without provocation might I add, Aamir Khan’s 16-year-old daughter Ira. 



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