12 Desi Indians Who Look Hilariously Same Like These World Famous Celebs –


Doppelgangers are interesting to see and it’s a mind blowing view. This thing is not restricted to a common man but also applicable to the celebs , globally and as they say .. we have 7 look alike in the world .

Today, presenting you the list of some celebs and their doppelgangers.

Have a look:

1 Nick Offerman

The character of the comic show Parks and Recreation , Ron Swanson, has a doppelganger , with that hair and mustache ,the way Swanson keeps.

2. Peter Dinklage

12 1

The guy in the train resembles Peter Drinkle a lot…

3. Dhanush

13 1

This is unbelievable .. it would be a great guess work to make out that uncanny resemblance of the two .

4. Sonakshi Sinha

14 1

This is a social media sensation named Priya Mukherji who is very close to the looks of Sonakshi. Her ten on ten resemblances with Sonakshi Sinha has made her grab all the attention. Look her up online and you will stay shook for a while!

15 1

5. Sunny Deol

16 1

 Sunny Deol has a doppelganger, following his dress code from the movie Jeet. One can imagine him thumping his steps to Yaara O Yaara already.

6 Ranbir Singh

17 1

This resemblance needs no introduction. This Delhi Boy seems to share the charisma of handsome Ranbir by his cool looks.

7. Rajnikanth


Just a regular guy who totally looks like the Thalaiva. He made sure his looks were recognized as he goes around dressed up like Rajnikanth!

8. Yuvraj Singh


This one is actually amazing .. We will leave it to you to decide who is Yuvraj Singh over here.

9. Barack Obama


The time one spotted Barack Obama at a Mumbai railway station!

10. Johnny Depp


This one with the whole makeover is convincing enough to be called gareebon ka Jack Sparrow 😉

11. James Howlett


So Wolverine punctured the tires of his car with his blades and now he had no option but to take a bus. He was running late to save the world!

12. Ajay Devgan.


This is the most popular one in the list as this picture made rounds on internet earlier too , where people compared Ajay Devgan with this look alike as the side-effects of lock-down. (wink)



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