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There are some supporting actors in Bollywood whose appearance in a movie can’t be ignored. One such actor is Vijay Raaz. While big names continued to soar, Raaz made sure to make his presence felt with meaningful roles, no matter how small. 

Of late, he has become a widely-known name in the entertainment industry. He is probably one of the very few names that are looked upon with respect and appreciation, regardless of the kind of roles he portrays on the silver screen.

The actor from Delhi has had a long career in Hindi films but he never got any professional training for his craft. He worked in a lot of plays at National School of Drama and that got him noticed. It was Naseeruddin Shah who recommended him for Dubeyji’s role in Monsoon Wedding after watching one of his plays. After a decade of working in theatre, he moved to Mumbai to work in the movies.

Vijay Raaz became popular for his comic roles and every time he picked a character that was meant to provide laughs, he did it effortlessly. Other than comic roles, he tried his hands on other roles too. Here is the list of 12 best roles played by the actor:

1- Monsoon Wedding

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It was with Monsoon Wedding that the audience got a chance to appreciate the finesse of Vijay Raaz. Playing the role of Dubeyji , the wedding planner, Vijay gave a performance that stood out even amongst the likes of Naseeruddin Shah and Shefali Shah. This wasn’t the first film role done by him but it got him the attention he truly deserved.

2- Run

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His unforgettable kauwa biryani act from the fairly-forgettable Run stands testament to the fact that Vijay does not necessarily need a brilliant film to prove his talent. His scenes from the film are the ones that are still replayed on loop. There are YouTube videos that are just compilations of his scenes from the movie. He might not have the conventional look of a hero but he sure knows how to hold our attention with his impeccable comic timing.

3- Deewane Huye Pagal

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The movie is a brainless slapstick comedy with many big names. However, Vijay Raaz’s performance in the movie outshines many performances. Playing Akshay Kumar’s ally/confidant/best-friend, he charmed our socks off with his goofiness. He didn’t have many elaborate scenes but he did an outstanding job in whatever little screen time was allotted to him.

4- Dhamaal

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Dhamaal became a classic in Bollywood comedies, but Vijay’s 5-minute-scene in the movie made it more funny. Playing an emergency service executive, he added spice to the film with his eccentric way of tackling the landing of Boman and his Father Nari’s plane. So much so, that till date, several memes are made on that particular scene in the film when he guides or misguides them on how to land the plane.

5- Welcome

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In Welcome, Vijay Raaz played a fake whimsical director who is hot-headed and works on his mind. He is given the task to keep Uday Shetty busy, so that he can’t commit crimes. He tries his best to engage Nana Patekar and his thugs but in the end loses his cool and gets thrashed up by Majnu Bhai. 

6- Delhi Belly

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After a string of not-so-memorable roles, Vijay Raaz started his second innings as the villain in Delhi Belly. The film rejuvenated his career completely. He played Don Somyajulu, the guy who gets diamonds smuggled and then delivered to himself through a Russian guy called Vladimir. His anger was so hilarious that more than terrifying the audience, it ended up making them laugh their hearts out. His dialogue ‘yeh toh tatti hai,’ from the film has stayed relevant thanks to all the memes made on it.

7- Pataakha

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Vijay Raaz played the father of two daughters who often fight for nothing. His portrayal of a tired father is very authentic in every frame of the movie. In the end, it was Vijay who reunited his two daughters and made them realize that they can’t ever live happily without each other.

8- Stree

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Though, Vijay Raaz appeared for a small role but his appearance was important. His character, Shastri, the author of the book O Stree Kal Aana ends up solving the mystery of Stree’s spirit. It was him, who also delivered a very important message that Stree only desires love and respect and it is haunting the village only because she is in search of these two things.

9- Gully Boy

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The movie was mainly focused on the rappers but Vijay’s presence in the movie can’t get unnoticed. Playing Ranveer Singh’s father, his transformation from an orthodox, abusive father to a proud father left a lot of people in tears.

10- No Problem

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Even though the film failed to impress the audience at the box office, the movie is full of fun. Vijay Raaz played a bizzare and out of the box character in the movie, who wants to kill himself but in doing so, he ends up creating a difficult situation around him. What’s more he is unsuccessful in committing suicide, every. single.time.

11- Soorma

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In the biopic of Sandeep Sharma, he played the role of the Indian Hockey Coach. With little screen time, he left his impression in the movie. The dialogue, “Tamancha kacche mein rakh lo babua, Bihari hain hum, thook ke matha mein chedd kar denge.” is the highlight of the movie. He once again proved that you don’t require a robust or muscular body to throw your weight over someone, all it takes is intensity and powerful dialogue delivery!

12- Made In Heaven

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In this web series, Vijay Raaz play a role of a money-lender who is a small scale investor. While people believe that the show concept is similar to TV series Suits, the performance of Vijay Raaz was appreciated by everyone. His dialogue ‘do chaar English ke shab bolne se aap ache vyapari nahi ban jate!’ became very famous.

From what we have seen of Vijay in all these years, we can trust that the man still has the capacity to surprise his audience. And honestly, we would be glad to have him back over and over again as he pulls off any character he plays.



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