11 Brands We Always Thought Were Indian But Actually They Are Not –


We have spent our childhood , listening about numerous specific brands and these turned out to be family’s top choices for most of the Indians . Some of the popular brands have such names and Indians are in an impression that these brands are desi .However , matter of the fact is that , these are popular foreign brands.

On this note, presenting 11 brands that may sound Indian however really aren’t!

1. Bata

We should begin with the special shoe brand – Bata , which is one of the favourite footwear brand for Indians. Bata, is staple all over – from the greatest of urban areas to the littlest of towns. That is the reason we were astonished to discover that it is really made in Lausanne, Switzerland and was established in 1894 in Zlín, Moravia by a group of shoemakers.

2. Hindustan Unliver

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The name Hindustan Unilever is behind practically everything in many Indian homes. From cleansers and cleansers to espresso and frozen yogurt, they fabricate all things everywhere. In any case, notwithstanding having ‘Hindustan’ in it’s name, the organization is really is an auxiliary of Unilever, a British-Dutch aggregate.

3. Bose Speakers

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If you believe that Bose Speakers are from West Bengal, you are actually off-base! The widely acclaimed sound items organization is really a secretly held American brand, situated in Framingham, Massachusetts. So where does the name originate from? All things considered, it was established by Amar Bose, an American of Indian descent in 1964 thus it was named after him.

4. Colgate

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The toothpaste we grew up to cherish and each individual from our families depends on sounds so exceptionally Indian. Found in each house, this toothpaste has a desi picture. However, it is possessed and fabricated by Colgate-Palmolive, which is an American worldwide consumer company.

5. Indian Motorcycles

11 Brands We Always Thought Were Indian But Actually They

With in a real sense ‘Indian‘ as a component of it’s logo , who wouldn’t consider this organization Desi? However, the ‘Indian’ in its name alludes to American Indians – the indigenous people groups of the United States. Presently for what reason are the Native Americans called Indians? You’d need to Google that all alone!

6. Reynolds

Reynolds Customer Care, Complaints and Reviews

Do you remember the very first time you graduated from using a pencil to a ball point pen? We bet it was Reynolds! Known for their iconic appearance, Reynolds is a household name. However, it was actually Milton Reynolds who manufactured and introduced the first ever ballpoint pen in the US back in 1945? The brand then travelled world over and eventually arrived in India. 

7. Vespa

Vespa Scooter Emblem / Monogram Manufacturer in Punjab India by MG Enterprises | ID - 4853414

A name inseparable from happiness on two wheels, Vespa was a brand that could be seen all over the place – from Bollywood motion pictures to each road. Continuously thought to be a Bajaj brand, Vespa is really an Italian brand of bikes fabricated by Piaggio. Bajaj was first authorized to make it in Quite a while and when the organization lost the permit to do as such in 1971, they came out with Chetak, an uncanny copy of Vespa.

8. Boost


Seeing Sachin as ambassador of the drink Boost , it is quite obvious that people consider it as an Indian brand. No big surprise we all used to have this tasty drink in morning and evening. However, as much as our mothers might want us have this drink as a desi one , it is really claimed by Nestle and has it’s foundations in the valleys of Switzerland.

9. Maggi

Food for thought: How Maggi has got its competitors in knots - The Economic Times

We are not in any event, going to attempt to acquaint this one with you. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Maggi can be found at anyplace and is relished by everybody. However, much the same as Boost, it is additionally possessed by Nestle.

10. Bisleri


Actually, today Bisleri is Indian as it is claimed by Parle. But, did you realize that it was initially an Italian organization made by Signor Felice Bisleri, who previously concocted selling filtered water in India. In 1965, it was presented in Mumbai in glass bottles in two variations – bubbly and still. In 1969, it was purchased over by Parle.

11. Lifebuoy

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Last but not the least, number one cleanser, Lifebuoy is still a household name for every Indian family. In any case, the brand discovers it’s starting points in England where it was presented in 1895 and is claimed by Procter and Gamble. Goodness, and did you realize it is the second most popular cleanser brand, after Ivory?



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