11 Bold & Fearless Statements by Kangana Ranaut Proves She is the Badass Queen of Bollywood –


Kangana Ranaut is one of a kind actress. For an A-lister, Kangana is too bold, brazen and outspoken. Being an outsider, Kangana has fearlessly called out sexism, nepotism and pay parity in the industry. She is known for her fierce outlook for life, spearheading films in her own name and her blatant attitude in media.

She even went on publicly to speak about her alleged relationship with Hrithik Roshan. Here are some controversial yet bold statements by Kangana.

1- Back when she was turned down for the movie Aashiqui 3, she indirectly blamed Hrithik Roshan for that. She said, “I can’t understand why ex-boyfriend does such stupid things just to get attention.”

2- In an interview, she said that she faced humiliation for not knowing English. She told, “When I started my career, I was treated like a dog. I was not allowed to raise my voice. On top of that, they used to humiliate me for not knowing English.”

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3- Once in an interview, she boldly spoke about gender discrimination in Bollywood. She said, “When you are working with superstars in larger than life movies, you won’t get the equal opportunity. The characters are written for those superstars and audience wants to see only them. But I want to do a role which is equal to its male counterpart.”

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4- During the infamous controversy between Hrithik and her, she said, “It is necessary for us to save and store all the proof of a love affair. Whenever your partner tries to make a beeline out of the matter, then those gifts and the sperm stains on panties work as proofs.”

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5- During an episode of “Koffee with Karan”, she called Karan ‘Movie Mafia’. She said, “If they decide to make my biopic then you (Karan Johar) will play the character that would be cunning would promote nepotism. And, you would be called the Movie Mafia.”

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6- In an interview she said that she is comfortable about doing intimate scenes. She further added, “I don’t act like my honor is exposed after doing such scenes. Neither I ask for any shawl to hide my body just to hide my cleavage.”

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7- Back in 2016, she said, “When I was a shameless, psychopath, witch and cunning person the people used to respect me and it is an achievement.”

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8- Talking about her past relationships, she said, “I have dated an actor, a model, and a doctor. Unfortunately, each one of them taught me the same thing.”

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9- During her early days in Bollywood, she said, “I wanted to do creamy roles when I was 18 as creamy roles are the shortcut to success. I don’t think if any A-lister actor has done the same number of B-Grade movies as I have done.”

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10- Talking about her life and the condition of girls in her hometown, she said, “The only thing they expect from us is to look beautiful and get married as soon as you grow mature. But I was painful for my parents and probably no parent would want a child like me.”

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11- Talking about her competitors, she said, “I don’t consider anyone as my competitor. Just name an actress who can play the characters that I played in ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ and ‘Queen’.”

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