10 Times The Media Made Villains Out Of Women Who Were Just Trying To Live Their Lives


Media and Camera man has a power to make a general man into a celebrity. Many celebrities who were on the top on their career but media made them down due to their headlines and they create full blown articles against their prosperity and dignity which they gained by their hard working. Some of them faced such scandal boldly and took stand against them but some of them could not have no dare to face them and camera men and media pull them down.

Rhea Chakraborty

Rhea Chakraborty who was being responsible for the suicide of Sushant Rajput .media spread this news that she is responsible for suicide of veteran actor Sushant Rajput because during those days she was in relationship with him and media claimed that she is the cause of his suicide without any proof.
Rhea even sent to the jail due to suicide case of Sushant Rajput even no obligation must be proved legally but Rhea was kept in jail for a night which is not be forgotten in her whole life.


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Rekha a superstar of 90 was called as ‘Dayan’ by in laws and media because her husband committed suicide and she was to blame. She has killed him due to money and her in laws demand to Bollywood that she must not be given work in any films .Even it was her great loss but media never See this angle. Media gave masala only. They write offensive articles. why her husband took such a step. May be he was not happy with Rekha.May be Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan affair was the main issue of committing suicide.. Too many cooks spoil the broth.
And people always ready to peep into others affairs.

Perveen Bobby


Perveen Bobby was died in her appartement due to illness.At that time she was in relationship with Mahesh Bhatt . Her affair with Mahesh Bhatt’s article were selling as a hot cake even so many contents about how she attracted the men by her behaviour, Media always sell what public wants to read with interest no matter what is her mental status , through which trauma she is going through, No one was not interested how her health .She was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.She died due to weakness and loneliness, no one was there when she was suffering from diseases she couldn’t move and no one was there who can feed her so due to hunger she died. Even she was a public figure but when she need a person with her no one was with her.

Jiah Khan


Jiah Khan was died at the age of 25, She ended up her life by committing suicide. Her case was highly profile investigation due to find a suicide letter with her dead body. Suraj Pancholi was her boyfriend at that time and he was abetted her but no reason how was it authentic.people were turned into the affair of Mahesh Bhatt and Jiah Khan due to some pics in those pics they both were sitting together and those pics were going viral no one is interested why she has taken such a bold step. Many questions has been raised She was pregnant ? Or she had miscarriage or she aborted? Without marriage why she was pregnant? People never care anyone’s dignity. Even after her death people never think why they loss her dignity.

Princess Diana


When princess Diana and prince Charles were announced to get marry with each other . Camera and media always chase her . Every tiny activity was noticed and easily turned it into scandal. A lots of articles were published about the affair of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker which made hurt to Princess Diana. How she would be going through from this traumatic stress how she would be mentally disorder so that she was running her car at the fastest pace, met an accident . It was fatal and she died. May be she was trying to escape from the media because media wants to take her photo as well as her opinion at this moment what is she thinking, media want to peep into her soul so that they can show the world for sake of money not for huminity.
she was a famous and powerful but even then she couldn’t handle such depression .

Britney Spears


Britney Spears a popular Hollywood singer dancer and actresses during late 90 and early 2000. She was referred as a princess of pop.but now she was captured crying in the restaurant along with baby. When camera men was captured her pics she tried to escape and asked the owner to give place to hide from the media but he dint help her. There is a height of brutalness if a person is hurt and doesn’t want to disclose his sadness media irritate them. The main reason of her down fall was relationship with Justin Timberlake . This news was spreading like hot cake . Media was giving the headlines about their affairs which made her villain and her career was going down.

Anushka Sharma


As we all know Anushka Sharma was given to birth a baby when Virat Kohli was playing the cricket Ann unfortunately he lost the match media claimed that Anushka Sharma forced him to come early due to this pressure Virat Kohli lost the match which was between Australia and India.Even she knows the responsibility of being a wife of Indian cricket captain but no one care they give masala to the public. A lot of jokes and meme were posted about low score of match and all linked to Anushka Sharma.

Serena Williams


Serena Williams an American tennis player who won grand slam 23 single titles in tennis and she is former no 1 single women tennis player. She decided to fight with chair empire.she did better more than Nadal and Federal. Even she uplifted many women and she is a role model of many women inspite of all these, she was not agree as she has to say ‘hormonal’ and sore lose as usual. As if you spared racket breaking as well as using ill words in the field, snatching collar of the male athletes than sports would be more effective and interesting if you create such a hilarious issues.

Meghan Markle


Meghan and Prince Harry decided to break their relationships as media went berserk and remind Princes Diana’s incident. She was called as a breaker of household and her son was snatched due to this reason as she wanted to live free she can’t take the responsibility to bring up her son.
But on the other hand if people think logically her husband was not a kid he knows very well what going on as she was claimed that she broke the household. She can’t hold his hand and throw him from the palace. They decide together whatever happened.

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie


A man of the knowledge , intelligent wise man suddenly become a puppet of a woman. A woman can rule over a man ? But no one can win the media.. if media has decided to show your ugly side no one can escape you. So beware of media. They both were pitching against each other Aniston and Brad Pitt had a relationship but Aniston left her after leaving her he divorced Angelina. Some one stated about Angelina has taken revenge in a very smart way. Really it is really ridiculous. But what is reality no one care.

Sridevi and Mona Kapoor


Boney kapoor who was married with Mona Kapoor first . But when Sridevi came into his life he break the knot with Mona Kapoor and gave her divorce and got married with sridevi. After this incident Sridevi can’t escape the label of home wrecker . Even on her demise people said jaisi kerni waise bherni. Her karma came in front of her .
Some times media show that a successful woman must not be success it’s a big sin.


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