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Sridevi was declared dead on 24 February 2018 at 7 pm in evening in her hotel where her spouse Bonny Kapoor had discovered her. Apparently, it was reported by her brother-in-law Sanjay Kapoor to the Indian media that the reason for death was a heart failure, yet the investigation to her passing started early Sunday morning around 2:30pm, and the case was moved to Dubai Public Prosecution by Dubai Police, where General Department of Forensic Evidence, Dubai uncovered that the reason for death was “incidental suffocating”. The toxicology report later additionally uncovered that hints of liquor were found in her body, and water was found in her lungs.

However, people were not convinced by the reasons of her death. Here are these 10 questions which are related to the suspicious death of the Chandni actor.

Sridevi Death Mystery: Kerala DGP claims the actress was murdered, quotes dead forensic expert | Celebrities News – India TV

1. She Was Not A Regular Alcohol Addict

Sridevi Kapoor, Bollywood's First Female Superstar, Dies at 54 - The New York Times

family companion of late actor Sridevi ,Amar Singh, revealed that Sridevi would drink liquor at times and there was never when he detected her burning-through hefty measurements.

2. Was There Someone Who Forced Her To Drink?

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There are additionally a few possibilities that there would be somebody who constrained her to drink. Additionally, that somebody would have tossed her in the bath.

3. How Big The Bathtub Was.  Was It A Swimming Pool?

Sridevi obituary: From Bollywood actress to Indian icon - BBC News

It is actually hard to believe that somebody suffocated in the bath. It is simple for an individual to get up in the wake of falling in the bath.

4. Why There Are No Bruises On Sridevi’s Body?

Sridevi, beloved Bollywood actress, dead at 54

The doctors questioned why there were no bruises on her body if she slipped and fell in the bathtub.

5. Why Bathtub Was Filled With Water Before She Entered Bathroom

Bollywood superstar Sridevi 'drowned' in bathtub, say Dubai police

If she had accidentally fallen in the bathtub, why she filled the bathtub before that? Was there someone else who did this?

6. Why Boney Kapoor Left Sridevi In Dubai?

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor's love story in pictures - Rediff.com movies

According to the sources, Sridevi along with her family went to Dubai to attend her nephew’s marriage in Dubai. However, Boney Kapoor left Sridevi in Dubai and returned alone after the marriage. Pursuing this further, he went back to Dubai to give a surprise to Sridevi.

7. Boney Kapoor Called His Friend Not Doctors

Sridevi's 57th birth anniversary: Boney Kapoor remembers his 'jaan'- The New Indian Express

In the investigation, it was found that knowing about the accident; Boney Kapoor called his friend not the doctors.

8. Why They Kept The News Of Her Death Secret From Public For 3 Hours

Sridevi 2nd Death Anniversary: Janhvi shares rare picture with mum Sridevi on her 2nd death anniversary, says she misses her every day - The Economic Times

Sridevi was one of the most popular Bollywood celebrities; the news of her death should not be kept as a secret. According to the reports, she died at 9 pm but the news was shared after the midnight.

9. Statement Of The Hotel Staff

This was the last wish of legendary actress Sridevi

The hotel staff made a statement which is slightly different. According to the reports she died at 9 Pm but according to the staff she ordered water in her room at 10.30 pm. The server took water to her room but no one opened the door. In the suspicion, he rang the alarm. They break the door and found that she was lying on the floor and she was showing some vital signs. It was 11 pm on the clock.

10. If She Wanted Her Sister’s Company, Why She Stayed In Her Room For 48 Hours?

Sridevi Birth Anniversary: These 10 rarely seen pictures are tribute to our Hawa-Hawai Girl | In pics

It was informed that she needed to invest some energy with her sister thus she remained in Dubai. In any case, as per the media reports, she remained in her lodging for last recent 2 days.

Sridevi’s death has undoubtedly left the nation stunned . What are your views for the same ? Do share in the comment section below.



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