10 Bollywood’s Magazine Covers Epic Photoshop Fails –


Celebrities are just people. They have the same flaws, the same insecurities, and the same pitfalls as the rest of us. So, to look as good as possible whenever they can, sometimes, they use a little bit of Photoshop to cover up an imperfection or two. 

Photoshop fails are a dime a dozen these days with everyone trying to secure ultra-perfect pics for the gram and more. But that doesn’t mean it’s not oh so hilarious when fans catch a big photoshop faux pas.

Below are some of our favorite Bollywood celebrities whose images were photoshopped mercilessly and senselessly.

1- Rani Mukherji

When Rani Mukerji got featured on the “age issue” of Vogue she looked photoshopped as all hell. Her body was slimmed down, her nose looked like Rani had got a bad surgery, and there wasn’t a single line on her face and on top of it they gave her a crazy chiseled jawline too!

2- Kajol

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Kajol was hailed for her stereotype-shattering looks. She was dusky, had a unibrow, and wasn’t stick thin. But, in this advertisement of Olay anti-aging product, she ended up looking fairer than a lightbulb.

3- Frieda Pinto

20 48 04 8 bollywood photoshopfails idiva

Freida Pinto, won the hearts of the Indian audience with her performance in Slumdog Millionaire. She a gorgeous beauty with the most deliciously dusky complexion. But, when she featured on the L’Oreal ad her skin appeared several shades lighter than it is.

4- Priyanka Chopra

20 48 07 priyanka chopra 696x558 1

When Priyanka Chopra bagged the cover of Maxim, she ended up with the smoothest underarms on the final cover. All thanks to some overtly enthusiastic photo editor. Later, she took to her social media accounts to share a photo of her real and naturally bumpy underarms.

5- Katrina Kaif

20 48 09 phnatom 696x1006 1

The poster maker of the 2015 film Phantom, took it too personally that Katrina Kaif had a Barbie doll made in her mould. Katrina’s face looks squished and she’s got weird Barbie doll eyes with her lips looking fuller! 

6- Kajal Agarwal

20 48 12 kajal fhm magazine topless pose

Soon after the FHM magazine revealed the cover featuring Kajal Agarwal, it went viral for all the wrong reasons. Later on, she clarified that she was wearing a black tube top during the shoot, which was visible in the approved images, but mysteriously disappeared from the final cover. 

7- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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In the December 2010 issue of Elle, Aishwarya’s skin complexion was drastically lightened, which sounds utterly ridiculous because she is already fair.

8- Chitrangada Singh

21 02 46 chitrangada

Chitrangada appeared on the magazine cover of Vogue and looked way different from what she looks in the real life. Looks like the photo editor used the airbrush too much.

9- Shah Rukh Khan

20 48 20 shahrukh khan

The Vogue India issue, which came out in November 2015, had Shah Rukh Khan on its cover with a model. Vogue decided to dedicate its cover to King Khan as he turned 50 that year but in all that excitement, photoshopped six fingers and a thumb on his hand.



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