10 Bollywood Films That Got The Same Name But Their Stories Were Totally Different –


Every once in a while you will see a trailer for a movie whose name instills a sense of deja vu because you’ve seen it before, even though the new movie isn’t a reboot. This lazy film phenomenon doesn’t happen often but when it does, usually the two movies have nothing in common.

The movies below all share the same name and nothing else.

1- Golmaal

The first Golmaal movies begin innocently as an attempt to pass a job interview but quickly become a complex web of deceptions involving false facial hair, fake twins, a pretend mother, and an impossible romantic connection. 

The second one (Golmaal: Fun Unlimited) revolves around the lives of four homeless youngsters who hide their identity and moves to the house of a blind couple. 

2- Baaghi

22 58 33 baaghi

The old Baaghi movie, starring Salman Khan was about a rebel leaving his home for the love of his life who works at a brothel. 

Coming to Baaghi of 2016, starring Shraddha Kapoor and Tiger Shroff, was a completely different concept with a lot of masala in it. The movie became a franchise with Baaghi 3 as its latest release.

3- Badshah

22 58 36 baadshah

The 1964 Badshah starring Dara Singh revolved around a man named Raka who was made the king and possesses all powers.

While SRK and Twinkle Khanna starrer Baadshah revolved around a small-time detective who is on a mission to rescue a kid but gets caught up in a murder mystery of a politician.

4- Mother India

22 58 38 motherindia

Mother India (1938) starring Sharifa and Pramila was a tribute to the sacrificed lives during the nation’s freedom struggle.

While Nargis Dutt’s Mother India revolved around a woman who struggled to make ends meet for her kids while keeping her integrity intact.

5- Dilwale

22 58 41 dilwale 1

Dilwale (1994) is a story of a man who is falsely accused of murder by his girlfriend’s guardian and ends up in a mental asylum.

The 2015 action-comedy-romance revolves around two brothers and their lady loves. When the younger one falls in love with the younger sister of his brother’s lover, their past and the truth unfold.

6- Shaandaar

22 58 43 shaandar

Shaandar (1990) is about a man who goes against the corrupt system of the country.

While Shaandaar (2016) revolved around an insomniac falling in love with her sister’s wedding planner. 

7- Hera Pheri

22 58 46 herapheri

Hera Pheri (1976) was about two con men out of which one finds out that the other one’s father might have killed his father.

Hera Pheri (2000) is about three unemployed men look for answers to all their money problems. Each dreams of making it big, and one evening, a cross-connection on their phone lets them in on a kidnapping scheme that they figure can lead them to the big bucks.

8- Aankhen

22 58 49 aankhein 1

Aankhen (1993) is about a man fighting terror and in a turn of events a terrorist ends up at his own house.

Aankhen (2002) was about a bank manager who trains three blind men to rob a bank to take revenge.

9- Agent Vinod

22 58 51 agent vinod

Agent Vinod (1977) revolved around an agent who investigates the kidnapping of a scientist.

Agent Vinod (2012) revolved around an agent on a mission to find the killer of his colleague only to unravel a bigger mystery.

10- Dostana

22 58 54 dostana

Dostana (1980) is about a cop and a lawyer who falls for the same woman.

Dostana (2010) had two men pretending to be gay and fall for the same woman.



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