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Sometimes, it seems like celebrities — male celebs, in particular — just can’t keep their hands (and other parts) to themselves. Every year, some celeb or another gets accused of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and even rape. A lot of the time the allegations seem to mysteriously disappear, but even when they do, it’s not uncommon for the story to surface again at some point. 

Some of our favorite stars have been accused of all sorts of heinous sexual crimes — and whether we admit it or not, it can be hard to accept. Celebs have been taking advantage of people and their own status and power for as long as they’ve been able to get away with it.

For better or worse — whether allegations prove true or not, charges are dropped or not — these 10 celebrities have all been accused of some form of sexual assault.

1- Jeetendra

In 2018, Jeetendra found himself facing allegations of sexual abuse when his cousin claimed that she was abused years ago under the pretext of being taken to a film shoot. At the time of the incident, she was 18 and he was around 28.

In the FIR, Jeetendra’s cousin alleged that the assault took place in 1971 when the actor took her to a room at a hotel in Shimla. The room had two separate beds. While she was sleeping, he allegedly joined the two beds and tried to outrage her modesty. He was drunk at that time, she claimed.

Later, Jeetendra’s lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee stated that the allegation made by the cousin is baseless and ridiculous. 

2- Shiney Ahuja

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The actor was accused by his domestic help of raping her in 2009. He was arrested and a sessions court sentenced Ahuja to seven years imprisonment with a fine of Rs 3,000. The charges were later retracted and Ahuja was released on bail. The case stands closed as of now.

3- Ankit Tiwari

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Singer-composer Ankit Tiwari was arrested for rape after a 28-year-old advertising professional filed a complaint against him. She alleged that he raped her in the pretext of getting married to her. The woman also said that the singer’s brother threatened her with dire consequences if she approached the police.

The matter was settled out of court after a petition was filed by Tiwari in the Bombay High Court. The Mumbai Sessions Court, however, acquitted him of all charges.

4- Dibakar Banerjee

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Bollywood’s maverick director Dibakar Banerjee was accused of molestation by a former friend and actress Payal Rohatgi. The actress said that Dibakar made offending comments about her weight and insisted she show him her belly to check how much weight she had gained. However, the director rubbished the allegations leveled against him and said that he was being framed.

5- Jackie Shroff

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A young Tabu accused Jackie Shroff of molesting her. The incident allegedly happened at the residence of actor Danny Denzongpa who rescued Tabu. Nothing was proved. Needless to say Jackie Shroff and Tabu never acted in a film together.

6- Mahmood Farooqui

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Peepli Live co-director Mahood Farooqui was accused of rape by an American researcher in 2015. The Delhi High Court later acquitted and released him.

7- Shakti Kapoor

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In what might have been the most written and spoken about sting operation in Bollywood, Shakti Kapoor was caught with his pants down. He was accused of asking sexual favours from an aspiring actress.

8- Subhash Kapoor

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Director Subhash Kapoor had been accused of molestation by actress Geetika Tyagi in 2014. Tyagi had filed a complaint against Kapoor in April, 2014 alleging he had tried to rape her two years ago. She had also uploaded a video titled ‘Subhash Kapoor’s true face’.

The video was taken by a hidden camera has director Kapoor, his wife Dimple Kharbanda and Geetika discussing about the sexual interaction that happened between the two.

9- Madhur Bhandarkar

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The director of several critically acclaimed films was accused by model-actor Preeti Jain of rape with the promise of casting her in his films in 2004. She later decided to not pursue the case and was even arrested for hiring a contract killer to murder Bhandarkar.

10- Aditya Pancholi

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Aditya Pancholi was accused of raping his ex-girlfriend Pooja Bedi’s 15-year-old maid when the two were allegedly dating. Reportedly, no case was registered against Aditya, but Pooja and Aditya broke up after the incident.

The actor had also been accused by Kangana Ranaut of sexually abusing her during her initial days of struggle. But he denied all the allegations.



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